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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy graphic at Weekend Dentistry, San Antonio, TXRoot canals are an extremely common procedure performed regularly at Weekend Dentistry. Our patients are properly anesthetized and, if necessary, sedated for the procedure, and always leave with beautifully restored teeth. A root canal is used when a tooth becomes infected, but not so much as to warrant pulling the tooth. If you are experiencing pain in your tooth and suspect infection, we invite you to call (210) 783-0944 to schedule a visit and see if a root canal is a right solution for your smile.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canals, or “endodontic treatments,” work to alleviate pain from a tooth infection by removing the infection and restoring your natural tooth. When a tooth infection has spread as deep as the center of the tooth, a root canal often becomes necessary. A small hole is made in the afflicted tooth, and the infected areas of the tooth are removed. S. Bin Kim, MS, DDS, PLLC will then stabilize the tooth and seal it with the appropriate restoration, often a filling or a crown. A root canal allows us to treat a more advanced infection while still saving the natural tooth.

Signs and Symptoms a Root Canal May be Right for You

Call our San Antonio, TX office today at (210) 783-0944 to discuss the possibilities of root canal treatment if you are experiencing:
•  Tooth or gum pain
•  Discoloration of the tooth or gums
•  Sensitivity to heat or cold
•  A tooth that is tender to the touch
•  A tooth abscess
•  Swollen or tender lymph nodes under your jaw
•  Pus drainage in your mouth

What to Expect During Your Root Canal

Root canals are typically finished in one or two visits to Weekend Dentistry. S. Bin Kim, MS, DDS, PLLC will create a small hole in the tooth so that the infection can be removed. The center of your tooth, and areas also known as the “dental pulp,” is where all the sensitive areas are contained. Nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels are all found in the dental pulp. The infected pulp will be removed and in some cases the tooth root as well. This does not harm your tooth. Fully grown teeth do not require their tooth roots to maintain oral health and normal sensations. We will clean the area, and S. Bin Kim, MS, DDS, PLLC may prescribe antibiotics to ward off further infection. The newly treated tooth will then receive a crown or other restorative treatment to protect and strengthen it.

Benefits of a Root Canal

Root canals are an excellent option for patients with an infected tooth because it keeps the natural tooth in place. In the past, an infected tooth would have to be removed to prevent the infection from spreading. With a root canal, we can save your natural tooth, and even strengthen it with the right restoration. A crown or filling will allow you the confidence to resume your normal life without worrying about the tooth. The restoration will match the rest of your smile seamlessly, and once you’ve healed, you can go on chewing, eating, and smiling normally.

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