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Dental Exams and X-rays

mouth with dental tools in itRegular dental exams and x-rays are an essential part of keeping your smile in excellent health. At Weekend Dentistry you can be sure you’re getting the very best care from S. Bin Kim, MS, DDS, PLLC. We’ll conduct a thorough cleaning and perform a full exam of your teeth, gums, and mouth. X-rays will help us catch any problems that might be lurking below the surface. With regular dental exams and x-rays from Weekend Dentistry in San Antonio, TX you’ll be smiling confidently all year long.

Dental Exams

The fact is, we all need help keeping our teeth and mouth healthy. Even those of us who take meticulous care of our teeth at home benefit from seeing a dentist regularly. We can detect problems that you may not yet see or feel. Some dental problems like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer aren’t even noticeable until they’re in more advanced stages. Regular dental visits allow us to detect problems early and treat them at a more easily managed stage.

Typically, you should have a dental exam twice a year or every six months, but everyone is different. If your teeth are in great shape, we may recommend lengthening the time between visits. Some patients will require more frequent visits, depending on their risk for dental problems. High-risk patients include:
•  Smokers
•  Patients with gum disease
•  Patients with weakened immune systems
•  Patients who have a history of cavities and plaque build-up
•  Diabetics
•  Pregnant women

In your lifetime, your recommended schedule for dental exams may change. Illness, stress, and other factors may influence your oral health. The team at Weekend Dentistry is always here to help you determine what is right for your oral health.


X-rays are an essential part of your dental care. They allow us to diagnose problems that wouldn’t be obvious during a normal exam. These afflictions include impacted teeth, damage to jawbones, abscesses, cysts, and even tumors. X-rays can also help us assess and treat more common problems such as cavities and gum disease with greater accuracy.

However, what exactly is an x-ray? It’s a type of energy that passes through soft tissue like gums and cheeks and is absorbed by dense tissue like your teeth and bone. This results in a snapshot of your smile all the way down to the tooth root, bones, and supporting tissue underneath. Dental x-rays are safe and do not expose you to any unnecessary radiation. During an x-ray, you’ll be covered with a protective apron, and the x-ray beams will focus only on those parts of your mouth that need to be photographed.

Scheduling Your Dental Exam and X-ray Appointment

At your next dental exam, you can expect to have a thorough teeth cleaning from one of our hygienists. S. Bin Kim, MS, DDS, PLLC will then perform a thorough exam of your smile. X-rays will be taken using every standard safety precaution, and we’ll discuss any necessary future actions to keep you smiling confidently.

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